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Possible system design

1 Area elastic construction

NameArea elastic construction
Note Foam pad
Plywood construction

2 Prefabricated mat with adhesive

NamePrefabricated mat with adhesive
Note Cut and embedd prefabricated mat with adhesive
Product PC 21-025
Application Squeegee

3 Pore sealer

NamePore sealer
Note Rubber squeegee or metal trowel
Product PC 04-020
Application Squeegee

4 Scratch layer (optional)

NameScratch layer (optional)
Note Notched squeegee
Product PC 51-020
Application Squeegee

5 Self levelling layer

NameSelf levelling layer
Note Notched squeegee
Product PC 51-020
Application Squeegee

6 Sealing

Note Roller
Product PC 61-060
Application Rolling

7 Line paint

NameLine paint
Note Roller or brush
Product PC 71-030
Application Rolling

The Polycomp CEL Classic range of combined elastic flooring is classed in EN14904 Class C4. These systems consist from a SBR rubber mat as base for the cushioning layer on top of the system.
The system is constructed to stand heavy mechanical wearing and is a typical CEL system to use when you have heavy rolling spectator seats in the Arena. With the two different thicknesses of the base mat you can choose different levels of comfort for your end user.

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