A must for all cast coatings – colourful Polycomp coatings


Details of the product Coating

    PC 51-010

    Viscosity in mPasPart A: 2,300 ± 700
    Part B: 400 ± 50
    DescriptionA solvent free, single-component polyurethane based spray coating. PC 51-010 has excellent adhesion to EPDM or SBR granule surfaces.
    Density (g/cm³)Part A: 1.35
    Part B: 1.22
    Cure Time in h12
    Mixing Ratio
    (Part A : Part B)
    100 : 28 (by weight)
    DatasheetPC 51-010 Datasheet

    PC 51-020

    Viscosity in mPasFree flowing
    DescriptionA 2-component, solvent-free, polyurethane which is suitable for application to Concrete as well as rubber mat and situ applied rubber surfaces in order to smooth and level the surface as well as prevent any cracking and opening of seams and joints.
    Density (g/cm³)1.35 ± 2 %
    Cure Time in h8
    Mixing Ratio
    (Part A : Part B)
    A: Pail 20.85 kg
    B: Pail 4.15 kg
    DatasheetPC 51-020 Datasheet

    PC 51-040

    Viscosity in mPasPart A: 12,000 ± 1,000
    Part B: 5,000 ± 500
    DescriptionA solvent-free, two-component polyurethane-based coating. PC 51-040 has excellent bonding properties to base surfaces and PUR resin compounds.
    Density (g/cm³)Mixture: 1.19
    Cure Time in h-
    Mixing Ratio
    (Part A : Part B)
    1 : 1 (by volume)
    1 : 0.9 (by weight)
    DatasheetPC 51-040 Datasheet

    The cast-coated covering and infilled, solid plastic covering are constructed using a casting process. Polycomp coatings directly applied to the elastic layer are needed for this. EPDM granules are then infilled and swept off again following curing. Polycomp coatings increase the abrasion resistance of the entire system, thereby increasing its service life.

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