Melos Village, an open-air showroom like no other, is officially open!
Discover sport and leisure floors live and up close, and product on an entirely new level.

Melos Village. An open-air showroom located directly on the Melos grounds. Spectacularly situated on a rooftop with an area of 1,700 m². Melos Village is an eventful, open-air communication platform. Great for everyone. Great for our company. We display various sports and leisure areas – strong products and solutions for high demanded applications:

  • Athletic tracks
  • Fitness and multi-functional surfaces
  • Playground areas and fall protection
  • Artificial sports turf with infill granules
  • Decorative artificial turf

We guarantee: only Melos offers this. Perfect for our customers, installation companies, sports clubs, engineers and architects, our employees, the ideal way to communicate with Cities, Councils, Schools and Universities.

Melos Village – a unique world of discovery

Race with us on the track and play basketball on a multifunctional surface. We can demonstrate to you how artificial turf infill granules are able to perform. Then we’ll serve you cool drinks in a comfortable pavilion situated directly “on the roof”.

Information, fun and enthusiasm – effective, memorable and simply good

Get a first impression:

Don‘t miss out! Catch all the sport, fun and action in our Melos Village clips on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube:

Melos Village on the Melos company grounds

Quickly and easily to Melos Village

Quickly and easily to Melos Village

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