Living Spaces

How do the living spaces of the future look like? Let us find the answer together. Digitalisation, demographic change and urbanization play a huge role and Melos accompanies transformation processes intensively. We combine innovative materials with creative digital techniques. As an example, this can be seen in six Living Spaces. The Living Spaces are a prelude and our team is constantly developing them. This makes Melos a partner for the world in which we live today and will live tomorrow. Ready for new ways. Ready for your project.


This is about performance and recreational sports facilities. The vision: All ready for innovative athletic track systems and variable artificial turf surfaces for football, american football, rugby and more - designed to impress professionals and amateur athletes alike. Polyurethane granule composite systems and artificial turf of a new generation. Highly durable and easy to clean. A highlight is the Turfrob: Efficient greenkeeping with care robots. Higher, faster, further - SportZone.


This is about the upgrading of public spaces. The vision: artificial turf, high-quality flooring solutions and 3D-printed objects lighten up neighborhoods and create new quality of life in cities and communities. They are easy to care for, open retreat areas and animate citizens in a variety of ways, to revisualised their surroundings new with new eyes. The key factor is the Stylemaker®, along with jogging tracks and landscaping artificial turf. Stroll, play, relax - UrbanZone.


This is about creative places. The vision: proven things get a new turn. Multifunctional surfaces go from the horizontal to the vertical, in addition to innovative creative techniques for a fresh look. A job for Stylemaker® and modular furniture in conjunction with LED floorings: ideas become reality, planners and architects are newly inspired. Lateral thinking, being different, out of the box – CreativeZone.


This is about flooring solutions for the economy. The vision: office floorings that raise creative potential. Factory floorings that offer more security. And logistics areas that help with orientation intuitively. Smart floorings are a key, integrate sensors, provide visual feedback and enable interaction. In addition, there are PU industrial coatings for parking garages and parking decks. Redesigned floorings, walls and ceilings - WorkZone.


The RelaxZone is about communicative meeting places. The vision: In public places, futuristic feel-good oases are created that appeal to all generations and bring people together. Convenient are charging stations and technologies, which activate the senses: birds twitter, the light shimmers, scent enchants. This is based on 3D seating objects with Stylemaker® Evolution and Stylemaker® Colour Flow in combination with Landscaping artificial turf. Relaxation and innovation combined - RelaxZone.


The PlayZone is about games 4.0. The vision: Smart floorings integrate sensors, LEDs and digital techniques. They awaken the play instinct and enable interactivity between surface and user. Whether it's elasticity or sport-functional features - everything is planned for and with Stylemaker® Original, Stylemaker® Individual and Stylemaker® Colour Flow creative concepts can be realized that bring playgrounds to a new level. On top, walk-in 3D objects inspire. Live, learn, be active - PlayZone.