Qualipur primer for optimal hold to the subsurface


Details of the product Primer

Qualipur 1010

Viscosity in mPas 130 ± 30
Description One-component PUR primer for asphalt, concrete and retopping.
Density (g/cm³) 1.00
Cure Time in h 4 - 6
Mixing Ratio
(Part A : Part B)
Datasheet Qualipur 1010 Datasheet

Qualipur 102

Viscosity in mPas 800
Description A primer for deck and floor systems.
Density (g/cm³) -
Cure Time in h accessible after approx. 24 hours;
completely cured after 7 days
Mixing Ratio
(Part A : Part B)
2 : 1
Datasheet Qualipur 102 Datasheet

Qualipur 152

Viscosity in mPas 800
Beschreibung Two-component solvent-free PUR primer for concrete in the indoor area (concrete protection).
Density (g/cm³) 1.16
Cure Time in h 2 - 4
Mixing Ratio
(Part A : Part B)
1.9 : 1
Datasheet Qualipur 152 Datasheet

A primer is needed to ensure floor coverings stick fast to the subsurface and to prevent coverings from bulging. A primer acts as a bonding bridge between the asphalt or concrete and the Melos granule covering system. Primer can also be used as a bonding agent for retoppings.

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