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    PC 41-010

    Viscosity in mPasPart A: Structural viscosity
    Part B: 120 ± 20
    DescriptionA two-component, solvent free, PUR based pore sealer. PC 41-010 has excellent bonding properties to base surfaces and PUR resin compounds.
    Density (g/cm³)Part A: 1.30
    Part B: 1.22
    Cure Time in h6 - 8
    Mixing Ratio
    (Part A : Part B)
    5 : 1 (by weight)
    DatasheetPC 41-010 Datasheet

    PC 31-300

    Viscosity in mPas1,000 ± 200
    DescriptionA UV and colour-stable, transpartent, low emission, one-component PU binder for quartz coloured mortar; developed especially for the production of stone carpets both indoors and outdoors.
    Density (g/cm³)1.1
    Cure Time in h12 - 18
    Mixing Ratio
    (Part A : Part B)
    Colourtransparent, glossy
    DatasheetPC 31-300 Datasheet

    There are even more products in the Polycomp range. For one, PC 31-300. This product is used as a stone binder and is somewhat harder than other binders, making it considerably less elastic. PC 31-300 has great extensibility and can also be used to bind products with a high proportion of dust. 

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