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Possible system design

1 Primer

Note For asphalt/concrete
Product PC 11-010
Application spraying

2 PUR Coating with Recycled Granules

NamePUR Coating with Recycled Granules
Note 3 coatings (total 13mm)
Product PC 51-040
Recycled Granules (1.0 - 4.0 mm)
Application interspersion poresealing

3 PUR Coating with Recycled Granules

NamePUR Coating with Recycled Granules
Note 3 coatings (total 13mm)
Product Recycled Granules (1.0 - 4.0 mm)
PC 51-040
Application interspersion poresealing

4 PUR Coating with EPDM Granules

NamePUR Coating with EPDM Granules
Note 3 coatings (total 13mm)
Product PC 51-040
EPDM Granules Standard (1.0 - 3.5 mm)
Application interspersion poresealing

5 Sealing

Note optional
Product PC 61-010
Application spraying

6 Line Paint

NameLine Paint
Product PC 71-020
Application spraying
Full Pour System, Full-PU-system, Sandwich system, multilayer
Field of application
  • Sports flooring for high-performance sport athletics
System description
  • Grain surface
  • Antiskid and spike-proof
  • Impermeable to water
  • Extremely wear-resistant
  • Unlimited variety of colours
  • Seamless, self-levelling properties
  • May only be installed by experienced specialists
  • The installation is time-consuming, high material and labour costs

A water-impermeable infilled solid plastic covering (type E) with a granular surface used for high-performance sports. PUR is applied in several layers, with granules infilled into this coating. The solid plastic covering reconciles two contradictory requirements which athletes expect modern running tracks to fulfil - the covering should be as hard as possible for sprinters, yet soft and low-impact for long-distance runners, while also returning energy to the athlete. Different polyurethane coatings tailored to these needs are combined with Melos granules to create a high-tech covering system which meets the extensive needs of modern track athletes and delivers convincing results.

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