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1 Primer

Note For asphalt/concrete
Product PC 11-010
Application spraying

2 Base Layer of PUR bound Recycled Granules

NameBase Layer of PUR bound Recycled Granules
Note 30 mm (for a falling heigth of approx. 1.50m)
Product PC 31-020
Recycled Granules (1.0 - 4.0 mm)
Application installation with paving machine

3 Top Layer of PUR Coated EPDM Mulch

NameTop Layer of PUR Coated EPDM Mulch
Note 20 mm
Product PC 31-020
EPDM Mulch (2.0 - 30.0 mm)
Application manual installation

Melos EPDM Mulch provides a decorative playground surface with a fall-protection function. The fall protection surface is made up of EPDM granules in five defined colours which can also be combined with one another. The polyurethane binder makes the surfacing a bound, water-permeable and decorative playing area with fall impact protection which can also be individually designed. In addition to protecting against the impact of falls, Melos EPDM Mulch is also environmentally-friendly and more cost-effective than mulched bark.

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