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Possible system design

1 Primer (concrete) or new asphalt

NamePrimer (concrete) or new asphalt
Note 1 step / 1 step
Product Laykold® Concrete Primer
Laykold® Masters FlexFill
Application coating spraying

2 Mat adhesive

NameMat adhesive
Note 1 step
Product Laykold® Masters Adhesive
Application poresealing

3 Elastic mat with laminated fabric

NameElastic mat with laminated fabric
Note 1 step
Product Prefabricated rubber mat
Application Gluing

4 Pore sealer

NamePore sealer
Note 1 step
Product Laykold® Masters Bond Kote
Application poresealing

5 LM Sealer for edge region

NameLM Sealer for edge region
Note 1 step
Product Laykold® Masters Sealer
Application coating

6 Levelling layer

NameLevelling layer
Note 2 steps
Product Laykold® Masters Filler
Application coating

7 Textured top coat

NameTextured top coat
Note 2 steps
Product Laykold® Masters Topcoat
Application coating

8 Top coat sealant For classification 4

NameTop coat sealant For classification 4
Note 1 step
Product Laykold® Masters Topcoat Finish
Application coating

Laykold Masters 8 is an all-weather acrylic system that is both hard-wearing and durable and features a superb cushioning effect to improve the comfort of play. Its main areas of application are tennis courts and multi-sports surfaces (for basketball, volleyball, football). Regardless of how and where it is installed, a consistent surface structure can be achieved thanks to the defined quartz sand prefilling. Laykold Masters 8 is available in several colours, allowing you to add a creative splash to your asphalt or concrete surfaces whether old or new

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