Details of the product Laykold Levelling layer

    Laykold® Acrylic Resurfacer

    DescriptionA highly concentrated one-component emulsion with a 100% acrylic base.
    Density (g/cm³)1.28 ± 0.02
    Viscosity (mPas)48.000 ± 5.000
    Mixing ratioAcrylic Resurfacer : Water - 1 : 0.7 (% by weight) /
    Acrylic Resurfacer : Sand - 1 : 1.0 – 1.5 kg
    Tensile strength (N/mm²)1,28 ± 0,02
    Elongation (%)9,50
    Setting (h)
    Processing temperature (°C)10 – 54
    DatasheetLaykold® Acrylic Resurfacer Datasheet

    Laykold® Masters Filler

    DescriptionA prefilled, single-component acrylic latex emulsion.
    Density (g/cm³)
    Viscosity (mPas)25.000 ± 5.000
    Mixing ratioLaykold Masters Filler : Water - 5:1
    Tensile strength (N/mm²)
    Elongation (%)
    Setting (h)2 – 4
    Processing temperature (°C)10 – 54
    DatasheetLaykold® Masters Filler Datasheet

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