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Possible system design

1 Primer

Note For asphalt / concrete
Product PC 11-010
Application spraying

2 Wear layer made of PUR-bonded EPDM granules

NameWear layer made of PUR-bonded EPDM granules
Product PC 31-020
PC 31-030
EPDM Granules Standard (1.0 - 3.5 mm)
Application manual installation

3 Sealing

Note Optional
Product PC 61-010
Application spraying

Perfect aesthetics and non-slip finish

Decorative surfaces are often used for designing path areas or in the area of landscape gardening. The Melos Stone product e.g. allows equipping terraces or beer gardens, the optics of which can hardly be distinguished from a stone surface. Contrary to loose gravel and the like, they offer maximal sure-footedness and barrier-free design.

A strong floor covering for many creative occasions – including equestrian centres

Another area of application for this surfacing system can be seen in the area of equestrian sports. Stable aisles, washing areas and path areas to the riding halls and horse riding areas can optimally be coated with a decorative covering made of granules. The anti-slip properties of the covering provide good sure-footedness to the horses. The decorative covering can be installed as either a water-permeable surface or a surface impermeable to water. 

24 standard colours allow for individual design

Due to the large variety of colours of the Standard Granules 60 Shore, you can set individual colour accents. Whether in the colours of your corporation or association, or completely according to your own taste – the possibilities are endless.

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Melos Samples - Get a Feel of our Products

Melos Samples - Get a Feel of our Products

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