Stylemaker by Melos: realise creative, colourful floor images. Quick, safe, simple and efficient. Your customers will be astonished.

Stylemaker takes creative floor design with Melos granules to a new level. Try the comfortable online version now: Simply choose a motive, adjust sizes and colours, and order: realise your individual floor images with Melos as easily as never before.

It’s easy to be creative with the Stylemaker

As an installer, you’ll have good arguments for your customer negotiations when surface coverings get high marks, not only for quality and fall protection but also with exclusive design. The creative touch makes the difference in competition.

Our tip: Use the Stylemaker. Advise, design, calculate and order with just a few mouse clicks! Bring entire theme worlds to your floor: animals, plants, colourful stars and numbers! Melos provides ready-made floor images that you can use on site and work on professionally. It could not be easier or safer.

Obtain new orders with the Stylemaker

Customers demand creative floor coverings. A big challenge for installers! They set all levers in motion to realise floor images with a love for detail. The Stylemaker demonstrates new ways now - and highly individual projects are carried out more efficient, quicker and more secure.

The Stylemaker simplifies the often detailed creative work and gives installers targeted support in a customer discussion: motifs can be easily presented and changed. Individual floor images can be arranged to build complete thematic surfaces. Obtain high marks with creativity – use the Stylemaker!

Work even more efficient with the Stylemaker

The Melos Stylemaker is understood intuitively. Installers – experienced professionals and newcomers equally – can choose design templates, individualise colours, enlarge and reduce the size. You can also upload your own ideas and individual imaginative geometric shapes that will be vectorised and be ready for processing afterwards.

The Melos Stylemaker calculates material requirements and costs in one go. Fabricators can save ideas or order them immediately - a completely pre-fabricated floor appearance and, moreover, everything needed to realize the entire floor covering: colored granules, recycled granules, PU binders. 

Just install the prefabricated floor image ... done! Stylemaker: A powerful tool for 'Ready to Build' solutions.

Strong motives for creative theme worlds

Stylemaker Homescreen

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