The world’s first comprehensive digital planning tool for your projects. Plan the construction of sports and leisure floors more professionally and efficiently than ever before!



  1. Management and control of several projects over the entire project period
  2. Building Information Modelling: BIM-compliant planning
  3. Simplified measurement via import of existing drawings or aerial photographs
  4. Intuitive surface and draft design through integrated drawing tool
  5. Individually configurable material libraries
  6. Consideration of preparatory work [substructure / enclosure]
  7. Automatic generation of offers and product requirement quantities
  8. Integrated training materials for each system: tender texts, installation instructions, tool lists and video tutorials
  9. Direct ordering of project-related materials via the app
  10. Export of project data to all relevant file formats (PDF, DXF / DWG, IFC, OBJ, GAEBB)


  • Configuring your own ideas
  • Price indications
  • Referral to architects, contractors and product manufacturers
  • Comprehensive support for DIY projects
Architects / specialist planners
  • Simple, digital measurements
  • Quick design of the planned areas
  • Access to existing materials libraries (including product features)
  • BIM-compliant export formats for further processing in third-party software
  • Tender texts (in GAEBB format)
Installation companies
  • Generation of digital measurements
  • Design development and adjustment: quicker implementation of customer requirements
  • Automatic generation of offers
  • Automatic materials costing and ordering
  • Tools required and parts lists
  • Technical support
  • ERP interface function
Manufacturing companies
  • Quicker delivery thanks to more efficient production planning
  • More direct communication and collaboration with project participants

Administration and monitoring of projects

  • Personal database with contact cards of architects, clients and those involved in the project
  • Clearly set out project database with status indicator
  • Filter and search function by project name, customer and date


  • Based on the Building Information Modelling system
  • IFC data export possible


  • Option to import aerial photographs, CAD graphics, drone images and PDF files as a basis for the drawings
  • Option to create freehand sketches with adjustable grids
  • Adjustment and scaling of the drawing basis possible
  • Automatic determination of area size, area and volume (layer thickness and materials requirement)

Drawing tools

  • Creation of illustrative drafts
  • Vector-based drawing
  • Intuitively operable tools for lines, radii, additions and or subtractions to surface area, Snap-to-Grid, Snap-to-Point, etc.
  • Importable templates such as tennis and basketball courts and football pitches

Materials libraries

  • Occupation of drawn areas with materials by Drag and Drop
  • Materials libraries tailored to customers’ needs
  • Comprehensive system and product descriptions

Consideration of preliminary work

  • All the relevant information concerning preparation of the foundations will be made available
  • Automatic determination of the quantities of building materials required (gravel, edging stones, etc.

Automatic generation of offers and product requirement quantities

  • Customer offers can be automatically generated from the drawing
  • The required quantities and installation plans are displayed

Integrated training material

  • Comprehensive training documentation for the installation: from data sheets to video tutorials for each system
  • Clients, architects and specialist planners have access to all the relevant tender texts and technical drawings

Direct ordering

  • Customers can place orders directly through the app
  • To expedite delivery times and minimise waiting times.

Exporting project data

  • Data exchange is simplified between architects and contracting companies
  • Export in all common file formats in the construction industry, from design drawings to tender documents (GAEB, IFC, for BIM standard)
  • ERP interface function

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