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Organic structures and forms are irregular and hence look naturally. Thus nature has produced specific forms that are perceived as extremely pleasant. It is only logical that Infill Bionic Fibre, the latest generation of infill granules, is modelled on nature. The new Melos Infill Bionic Fibre is based on the model of nature, this being reflected in innovative plastics engineering. Thus, it paves the way for a new generation of artificial turf, which approximates even more closely to natural grass while at the same time ensuring maximum durability. With an organic material form, Infill Bionic Fibre combines many advantages of natural materials with the lasting performance of tried and proven, highly cross-linked EPDM infill granules.

Soft, natural and elastic

Soft, natural
and elastic

Infill Bionic Fibre is remarkable for its soft surface and natural appearance.The surface promotes the adhesion of water and enhances its natural sliding behaviour. The material offers good traction and constant elasticity. It facilitates natural competitive play and tackling almost like natural turf, and its sports functionality endures for the entire life of the pitch.

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